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Elots maratrail

Trophy and cup for 1st

      Backpack 3 colors to choose

Medal for all

Trophies and price

Although we encourage each runner, on each level, to help us to collect money for good causes we are happy to reward our best athletes for their efforts by cuts and premiums.

This year we decree some 100 cuts and approximately 3100 euros and lots of  premiums to reward the best runners for the various categories of the 10 km, and semi-marathon and trail.

The handing-over of the cuts for the courses of 5km and 10km is planned for 12h followed by a short interval or you are invited to assist/view the representation of a spectacle of a school of local dance. Then to 13h, we will give the trophies for the semi-marathon and the trail.

With the surroundings of 13h30, drawing of lots of the numbers. Many batches.

Premiums and cuts only for runners present. No premium will be sent by mail.


Grid of price

Lots maratrail